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The Fundamentals & More of EAP / EFAP


Why? EAP / EFAP deals with the working population. Most employees (and family members) have an EFAP benefit. This benefit allows and affords many to access counselling.

The variety in cases helps EA counsellors be aware of the issues impacting today’s employee. The field of EAP / EFAP is ever evolving. Opportunities for counsellors can be varied. Part time and full-time salaried positions are available as well as
contract positions for private practitioners.

This online course is for anyone with or without experience in the field of Employee & Family Assistance Programs. EAP / EFAP provider companies are recruiting counsellors with this unique skill-set.

The Fundamentals & More of EAP / EFAP – is approved for 20 CEUs or PDHs. Certificates are given for 20 professional development hours upon course completion. * EAPA approved for 13 PDHs.

In the spring of 2022, this online course was refreshed and updated. Modules run approximately 40 – 60 minutes in length. Scroll down to read module overview.


Claire Sutton
Senior Consultant



EAP / EFAP, The Fundamentals & More of EAP / EFAP

Professional Development Hours:

20 Hours


9 + 1 coaching session

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How Will This Online Course Benefit Your Practice?

Learn how to work with the working population i.e. functioning clients (EAP & non-EAP clients)

Have knowledge of the EAP / EFAP industry, history and its purpose

Learn how to work within strict session limits

Understand EAP’s core competencies

Be at the forefront of psychological and societal trends.

Learn how to market your services and negotiate higher fees

Module Overview

Module 1: EAP / EFAP – What is It? Why is it in place?

Participants will be introduced to the current workforce – one that is diverse and inclusive. They will be immersed in the various knowledge components of EAP / EFAP. A closer look at the emotional well being of the client will be explored. And counsellors’ attraction to the field of EAP will be highlighted.

Module 2: The Unique Role of the EA Counsellor

You will grasp how EAP differentiates itself from other types of counselling. You will understand who EAPs target; and what it means for an EA counsellor to be neutral. You will learn how to formalize the first session. The stakeholders in EAP will be described.

Module 3: Introduction to Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment

In this module, the statement of understanding will be explained. The 2 most important questions in counselling will be revealed. The comprehensive assessment will be introduced. The structure for conducting that first session will be highlighted. A case will be reviewed.

Module 4: The EAP Core Technologies (Competencies)

You will understand the depth of a client’s trust. The EAP Core Technologies will be reviewed in detail. Your understanding of the dual-client relationship will deepen. A case will be reviewed.

Module 5: Due Diligence in Case Management

In this module, we will look at the proper way to case manage a client’s file - including note taking. How to use a Release of Information (consent form) will be explained. We will explore the meaning of counselling someone on a medical leave including the plan for the client to get back to work fully functioning.

Module 6: In-Depth Review of a Case – client put on progressive discipline

In depth review of a client where progressive discipline has begun. In this module we will explore how to work with a resistant client. As well, we will explore helping clients deal with conflict in the workplace. How best to meet the needs of an EAP client will be underscored.

Module 7: Why does the field of EAP attract counsellors

This module will highlight many reasons why counsellors are attracted to the field of EAP / EFAP. This module will highlight marketing as well as the need to have an elevator speech prepared.

Module 8: Working with clients on a Medical Leave

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is reviewed. Medical Leave and RTW (Return to Work) focus is explored. This module outlines more information on Conflict in the Workplace. As well, key elements of a unionized workplace are underscored. A case is reviewed.

Module 9: Preparing an effective resume; Marketing to EAPs

This last module will highlight the importance of keeping an organized system. It will explore how to stay in tune with the working population i.e. reading the news with ‘an EAP eye’. Preparing an effective resume will be underscored as well as writing an efficient cover letter. Marketing and networking will be explored in full.


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