Focused Career Coaching (5 Sessions)

Work One-On-One with Claire Sutton

Claire has helped many mental health professionals launch successful careers.

Let Claire help you:

  • Envision your successful career
  • ID your unique strengths
  • Plan your path to career success
  • Activate your plan with confidence
  • Market to your target niche


Claire Sutton
Senior Consultant





Resume & Questions Review + 5 (one hour) sessions

Register (Full Fee):


To Register Now, Contact Claire 604-742-1178 or csutton@clairesutton.com

NOTE: Resume & Questions Review + 5 (one hour) sessions Cost: $1200 CAD

Once registered, you will receive a request for information in order to begin your coaching program This 5 session model gives you more time to do a ‘deeper dive’ into what works and what doesn’t so that you are firmly committed to your career path.

How Will This Online Course Benefit Your Practice?

It is designed to help you succeed

A life and career assessment will help identify realistic goals

One-on-one sessions are unique to you

Assignments will reveal what is working and what isn’t

Clearer vision for your future will emerge

A didactic coaching approach will help you clarify your career wants and needs

Design A Lasting Path To Success

What is it?

It is a brief solution-focused career coaching program designed to help you succeed.The objective is to help you envision, plan and activate a successful career that will work for you. Sessions will take place in an individualized setting (in-person, telehealth or by telephone).

How does it work?

First, you will send me your resume. Following a review of your resume, a set of questions will be sent to you that will allow me to assess where you are in your life and in your career. Before our first session together I will have reviewed your resume and your answers to the questions.

What can I expect in the session?

In the sessions, I use a didactic approach. I will coach you to envision a career or career change that will work well for you i.e. achievable and timely. At the end of our first session, you will have direction and assignments. Then we can re-focus, fine-tune and solidify the next steps. The sessions will lead you to begin activating the learning to differentiate ‘you’ in your professional career.

Will Marketing be addressed?

Absolutely – Marketing is an essential component of any private practice. You will learn how to market to specific niches in order to attract your ideal clients.


Any Questions?

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