Everything You Need to Know

It is an online recorded course. It can be accessed immediately once registered. You can complete the course at your own pace and in your own time frame.

No, this course does not certify you as an EAP Counsellor. Successfully completing this course will give you a certificate stating that you have completed 20 hours of course training in ‘ The Fundamentals & More of EAP / EFAP ‘. This training will give you an excellent grounding in the field of EAP that will benefit you in the future with either EAP clients and/or non-EAP clients.

If you are already working in EAP, this course will help you understand the essence and business of EAP in more detail. As well, it will help you communicate from a better knowledge base with clinical supervisors and other EAP management personnel. It will also help you work in a more effective and efficient way with EAP clients. If you are new to the field of EAP, this course will put you in… Read More »

Once registered, there is NO refund. With an online course, access to the entire course and material is given to you once payment has been received, there can be no refund. Note: Courses can be completed at your own pace. Should you need to take a break or start the course at a later date, every effort will be made to help you complete the course in your time frame.

To guarantee the current offer, you must register at time of offer. Once registered, you can start at any time, even a much later date.

Life is busy today and falling behind can happen for any number of reasons. Should you need to take a break from a course, I will understand. Send me an email: csutton@clairesutton.com and let me know that you will take a break for a while. Contact me when you are ready to resume the course. I want you to succeed, so ask me for help if you need it.

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