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It is a privilege to comment on Claire’s premier on-line course: Fundamentals and more of EAP/EFAP. This 20 hour course is a must for any counsellor wishing to do EAP work. The program provides a contemporary EAP knowledge base, careful study of the essential counsellor competencies required to thrive in clinical application, key EAP business [...]

Daniel Stone, M.A., Ph.D., B.C.E.T.S., RCC

I found Claire’s coaching approach to be comprehensive, noticeably beneficial and thought provoking. She provided me with helpful worksheets and questions that challenged me to identify my short and long term goals as well as personal values that underlie them. Claire asked questions that helped me unearth some loaded emotion that had been holding me[...]

Deborah J. Braun, M.A., RCC

I began to work with Claire over twenty years ago when I first started in the Employee and Family Assistance field. Over the years Claire has established herself as an independent consultant, coach, therapist, and educator in EFAP. Claire has developed an excellent reputation as a professional to learn from and be mentored by. Claire [...]

Tom Foster, MSW, RSW | Regional Director, Western Canada | EFAP, Client Services

Claire’s course helped give me the confidence and skills to pursue EAP contracts. After taking her course I felt as though I had something valuable to offer EAP companies. I gained a comfort level with providing the short-term counselling EAP companies expect. Claire gave valuable feedback on assignments and the coaching session I had with [...]

Roma Palmer, MA, RCC President, Western Canada EAPA Branch

Claire’s guidance and experience were invaluable to me as a therapist starting a private counselling practice. Her honest, forthright manner forced me to clarify my vision of what I wanted to create, and I found her judgment to be grounded both in sound business practices and a deep understanding of client needs. I believe that[...]

Adrian Juric, M.A., M.Ed., CCC

The Fundamentals and More of EAP/EFAP course was truly a beneficial and positive learning opportunity. The course provided me with a very clear understanding of what EAP’s are, who they serve, and the role of the counsellor within the program. There were many case studies that not only demonstrated possible EAP scenarios, but also were [...]

Elese Francis, M.Ed., M.Sc., | RCC, CHt

I have had the pleasure of taking Claire’s Comprehensive Assessment course. This course increased my understanding of the role of assessments in a clinical setting. Her class was an amazing educational experience that not only helping me to break down the therapeutic process, but to show how real change can happen with clients. This is[...]

Jessica McGuire MA., CCC.