Approach & Philosophy

Claire Sutton

A Custom-Tailored Approach

Claire Sutton Coaching is about activating your pathway to success. Our goal is to get you to where you want to be: in your career, in your life and oftentimes in both. Claire Sutton Coaching provides innovative and quality coaching as well as online courses and training services.

Claire Sutton Coaching offers a blended model of individual coaching sessions and online training courses that will allow you to immediately use what you have just learned.

Whether it is a one-on-one session or an online course, the relevant information is delivered so that participants hear it, grasp it and understand it as the new learning is conveyed and then demonstrated through specific examples. Participants are strongly encouraged to apply the new learning as soon as possible to their own personal or work situations in order to solidify their learning with confidence.

A Philosophy Centred on Change

Claire Sutton Coaching is synonymous with high standards of excellence and professionalism. The coaching method honed here is rooted in the philosophies of ‘Vision-to-Action’ and ‘Applied Learning’. You will gain the knowledge, techniques and tools that will help you to be more effective in your career and in your life.

Vision-to-Action is a philosophy whereby one creates a realistic vision of where one wants to be and then reflects (and/or consults with someone) on the realistic steps to get there.

Applied Learning is the ‘doing’ portion of the learning. It is seeing the knowledge applied to specific situations. Applied learning enhances and integrates the learning that happens in formal classrooms.

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