The Onset of a Career Transition

Graduate school, your practicum experience, your competency exams, your volunteer work and your current employment have contributed to the professional that you are today.

Reality is a sizeable investment in time, energy and money has been made by you (maybe also by your partner and /or family). Take a moment to reflect on this.

You have accomplished so much and lately you have wondered: “is this it?”; “what’s next?”; or, “ how do I move forward?” Perhaps instead of clear thoughts you have noticed more the feelings of restlessness and/or frustration. Maybe you have admitted to yourself that you need new challenges to keep your interest and motivation high.

These thoughts and feelings are a clear indication that you have entered a career transition. When facing a career transition, feelings of insecurity and uncertainty could appear and shake your confidence. It is important to acknowledge these feelings along with acknowledging what is currently working in your career (and life) and what is not.

A transition is defined by the individual. It is the psychological process an individual goes through when s/he needs to let go of the old and take on the new. A transition is a process that cannot be rushed and must be navigated fully for one to grow and emerge personally and professionally.

As a Mental Health Professional, you learned in graduate school, the theory behind life transitions. Chances are you have already helped many clients go through their own transitions. It is a little more humbling when you, the mental health professional, are faced with having to navigate your own transition especially one related to your profession.

Acknowledging that you are in transition is what is going to allow you to relax and center yourself so that you can begin to envision the career changes that you would like to achieve. Once the vision is clear then crafting the initial steps becomes your focus. The key is trusting yourself as you embark on the transition process.



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