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EAP / EFAP Contract Counsellors: Listen Up

EAP is needed more today than ever before. Today’s working world is global, multi-generational, multi-cultural and financially volatile – it is a world of knowledge workers within a world of on-going change. Therefore, when stress mounts, the knowledge worker can begin to break emotionally and mentally.

Canada has a population of 35 million people. According to CMHA – Canada’s Centre for Addiction & Mental Health – $51 billion dollars is the estimated cost of mental illness to the Canadian economy in terms of healthcare and lost productivity (Dewa, CS et al 2008). This lost productivity reflects both absenteeism and presenteeism. Presenteeism is defined as: at work but functioning well below acceptable levels. In terms of lost productivity, presenteeism is the much bigger issue.

Due to our global workforce and the increased intensity of our lives, EAP contract counsellors (or affiliate counsellors) are in higher demand than ever before. In actual fact, the skilled EAP contract counsellors are in higher demand.

Unlike their salaried counterparts, EAP contract counsellors work often in isolation and lack the benefit of being around the hub of the EAP head office. It is up to the EAP contract counsellor to learn: what is required to work with an EAP clientele; how to communicate with various EAP provider company designates; and, how to stay focused on building a private practice with ‘EAP’ being a significant revenue stream.

EAP contract counsellors who acknowledge, plan and invest in their EAP work are empowered to build their ‘EAP” practice. These empowered EAP counsellors feel valued, deliver exceptional service and negotiate a fair fee for their contractual services. They are proud to be the face of the EAP Provider Company.



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