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Key to Success: Attitude + Action

In this mobile world where society runs at a pace that dictates ‘faster’, the economy is volatile and most employees are told to do more with less, what the heck is the key to success, to happiness? Is there a key?

Yes there is.

It is no secret that the most profitable companies and the most viable organizations hire for attitude because they know that an individual with a positive attitude sees the opportunities in challenges and seeks out resolutions to problems. Healthy employees are positive and productive employees – they are fully functioning at work and in their personal lives.

A positive attitude propels you to action. It is an optimistic outlook on life and your place in it. A positive attitude beckons you to try new things with a “yes I can” mentality. A negative attitude or a pessimistic outlook restrains you from taking any action forward. With a negative attitude you lack energy, with a positive attitude you are energized.

Many of my clinical clients access my professional services when they feel stuck in life and in their careers. The ‘stuckness’ often manifests itself into depression, anger, anxiety as well as low self-esteem.

An attitude shift to positivity is a precursor to building confidence and to building self-esteem. So smile rather than frown. Acknowledge your strengths and past accomplishments, even the little successes. Success builds upon success. Envision where you would like to be one year from today (in terms of life and career). Own your vision. Access coaching if need be. Plan the journey with confidence. Feel this positive attitude as you begin now to activate the initial steps. Trust yourself and go for what you want.



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