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EAPA 2015 San Diego: WOW – What a Conference!

EAPA 2015 was  a fabulous conference.  It scored a ‘ten’ on all fronts:  the city, the weather, the venue, the presenters, the workshops and the networking.

The conference brings together professionals who are passionate about the field of Employee Assistance Programs i.e. their passion is human behavior in the workplace at both the individual and organizational levels.

The preparation for the conference begins soon after the previous conference ends.  That’s right, the preparations for EAPA 2016 in Chicago are underway.  Call for papers will be out in early January. Stay tuned!

There are two days of pre-conference training prior to the conference opening.  These are focused half day and full day trainings for Employee Assistance professionals related to the field and to the business of EAP / EFAP.  I was pleased to deliver my “Comprehensive Assessment” course as a pre-conference training.

Some of the workshops that I chose to attend at the conference focused on i) ‘high conflict” situations in the workplace; ii) working with impaired executives; iii) EAP integration and leadership engagement during times of massive change. And, a key message put out at the conference by the executive of EAPA was the need to educate and value the EAP affiliate (contract) counsellors.  As I have mentioned before, the shift is happening toward better skilled and better paid affiliates.

Networking at any conference is paramount.  As I have attended these conferences over the years, I have connected with a like minded group of professionals from all over the world.  We have challenged each other on ideas, shared good conversations, good food and a lot laughter.  The photo above shows me with some members of my global network. See you in Chicago for EAPA 2016.



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