The Gratitude Afterglow – Keep it Going!

Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday has come to an end, pay its message forward.

In other words, make a point of owning your practice of gratitude.  Gratitude was there over the Thanksgiving weekend as you celebrated with family and friends. Keep its glow alive.

The practice of gratitude is being thankful for what you have rather than focusing on what you do not have.  The practice of gratitude is front and centre in the press these days. Why – because it really works.  It has been deemed a key component in the pursuit of peak emotional well being.  According to Dr. Robert Emmons gratitude helps us celebrate the present as well as block toxic emotions as outlined in the article What good is gratitude?

Gratitude is part of my every day life and it is very important in my work when I am coaching my private practice clients or coaching other clinical professionals. It is an important component of positive psychology.

Gratitude is practicing a general sense of well-meaning i.e. being kind to others and giving back the goodness received.  A smile can stretch so much further than you imagine.  Let the simple things trigger your positive energy.

A touch of gratitude can be experienced if you greet your client or colleague in the reception area with eye contact and a smile. Connect with them at “Hello” so they can feel your positivity and warmth.  If you shake their hand, shake it like you are truly glad to see them.  This positivity works on the telephone too. Answer your phone with a smile and note the difference in attitude and conversation.

Recent research as outlined in the following newspaper article on the power of thankfulness  has shown that incorporating the practice of gratitude into your daily living can have significant health benefits such as:  lowering your blood pressure, helping with chronic pain, reducing inflammation and improving length and quality of sleep.  Also, incorporating the practice of gratitude can help you relax, tap into your creative energy and pursue your goals more effectively.



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