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The Clinical Assessment – More Important than Ever

To truly understand the value of a comprehensive clinical assessment, it is important as a Mental Health Professional to understand who your client is today.

Your clients today are living in this fast paced, tech oriented, constantly changing and constantly connecting world. They have a lot going on: at work, looking for work

, managing their personal lives whether online, offline or both.  Some have a fear of missing out and are moving too fast; others feel stuck and are afraid of making changes; and then there is everyone else in between.

Whether you are working in the field of Employee Assistance Programs or not, it is of immense importance to conduct a comprehensive clinical assessment early on in the counselling/therapy process with each and every client.

Done well, conducting the comprehensive clinical assessment is the most important clinical function in the therapy or counselling process.

Here are 3 Reasons Why The Clinical Assessment is Important:  

  1. Being skilled at conducting a comprehensive clinical assessment allows for a more trusted connection between the counsellor or therapist and his/her client. Research has shown for a long time that counselling/therapy effectiveness is based on the level of trust in the client-counsellor relationship.
  1. The assessment helps to uncover early on what is working and what is not working in the client’s life. The assessment allows for silences so the client can reflect and often come up with steps to solutions. There are many ‘aha’ moments for the client during the assessment process. And, funnily enough, client progress emerges once the assessment is conducted.
  1. The client today wants immediate results. That’s right, cost-effective therapy. Clients do not want on-going weekly sessions forever. Most clients today want help to deal head on with their issues. The assessment helps them uncover their real issues which is a starting point toward resolution. Sessions become more focused and fewer are needed.   Given the trusted relationship between client and counsellor, clients will return on an ‘as needed basis’ for years to come.

Differentiate yourself as a skilled counsellor/therapist, learn how to conduct a comprehensive clinical assessment.



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