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Offers mental health professionals, clinical counsellors, psychologists and social workers innovative solutions to elevate their careers.
Your professional career evolves over time. It is important to plan ahead. At Claire Sutton Coaching, our objective is to help skilled professionals, like you, reap the benefits of their chosen profession. Whether you are starting out in your career or you are a seasoned therapist, having a career vision clarifies your focus and outlines the steps to get there. Such steps may begin with a consultation, focused coaching sessions, online courses for your professional development or a combination. With a vision-to-action mindset, you are moving confidently on your career path.

These Courses Are For You If:

You’re a Mental Health Professional
You’re involved in counselling or coaching within your organization
You’d like to develop your existing skill-set
You’re looking to elevate your business’ work culture
You believe Mental Health Matters in Your workplace
You’re self-employed and want to enhance your client caseload
You’re self-employed and want to increase your revenue streams

Meet Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton is a seasoned coach, consultant and trainer in addition to being a highly respected therapist. She is one of a small percentage of Canadian Mental Health Professionals who has earned the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) designation. With decades of industry experience, Claire’s mastery has taken her career to guiding individuals in their own journeys. Today, a significant portion of Claire’s practice has been devoted to helping counsellors and therapists launch or shift focus in their careers.

Accountable, Effective & Valued

Claire’s online courses gave me the confidence and skills to expand my private practice and pursue EAP contracts. Her coaching is direct, empathic and results-oriented

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Get your career working for you with innovative, client-focused solutions.

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Claire’s online training courses are designed to give you the insight, knowledge and skills that will facilitate your personal and professional growth.

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